Water Infiltration: How to avoid a flood of problems

Water Infiltration: How to avoid a flood of problems

After the fire, water is the worst enemy of a house. To protect yourself, you need a roof! A healthy roof that doesn’t leak. But over time, its condition can deteriorate and let water penetrate. It is a frequent problem in Quebec due to bad weather conditions such as snow, ice, wind, or rain. What to do in case of water infiltration? Here are a few tips.

Locate the signs of infiltration

First, you need to know how to spot the signs of water infiltration through the roof. Paint peeling off the walls or rings in the ceiling are usually good signs. So are puddles on the floor or a sagging ceiling. Don’t wait until you get a pond in your living room!

Major damage

In the long term, continuous water infiltration can cause significant damage to the structure of the building, in addition to damaging your property and costing you a lot of money in repairs. It is, therefore, important to avoid letting the problem linger. A certified expert roofer will find the best solution.

React quickly

Certain actions must be taken quickly if you notice leaking through your roof. First, inspect the attic to locate the leak. Water problems through the roof are not always easy to detect. Where water is entering, the ceiling and insulation should be wet. Once you’ve found the leak, sponge the floor and temporarily install a container. If possible, air out your home to prevent mold growth. You can use a dehumidifier.

Check your insurance

Next, check to see if you are insured for damage caused by the seepage. If you are, your insurance will tell you how to proceed with the renovations. If you are not covered, you will have to do the work at your own expense. In both cases, certified roofing experts guarantee the repairs are done correctly.

What causes water infiltration?

Regardless of the type of roof (sloped or flat), several factors can cause water infiltration. The consequences can be disastrous for your home. Water infiltration in a roof can be due to the following:

  • Clogged gutters ;
  • Deteriorated, loose, or curled asphalt shingles;
  • Damaged flashings;
  • A crack in the chimney;
  • Snow and ice accumulation;
  • An accumulation of moss and leaves;
  • A construction defect.

To avoid the worst, it is better to prevent it. That’s why it’s crucial to perform annual inspections. A roof that looks good may be hiding a problem. And remember, the older the roof, the more vulnerable it is. Feel free to call in a professional for a complete checkup. Think your roof is leaking? Call the certified roofing experts at Toiture Union to inspect your roof and get a quote. Our team is specialized in flat roofs, residential, multiplex, and commercial sloped roofs on the island of Montreal and the South Shore.