How to spot the warning signs

How to spot the warning signs

Don’t wait until your home’s ceiling swells, gets moldy or the plaster joints in the walls crack. If this is the case, your roof is probably more than due! To avoid getting into this situation and having to spend a lot of money on repairs, know how to spot the warning signs.

The first thing to do is to inspect your roof regularly. The arrival of good weather is an excellent time to take stock. Although certain anomalies can be spotted on your property, it is better to call in real experts for a complete inspection from the roof. From below, your roof may look fine. Seen from above, it may not be.

Watch out for cracks

Any cracks in the membrane or shingles should be repaired quickly. Don’t wait until there is water in the attic! When a leak is detected from the inside, it is a sign that the damage is already advanced. A crack will allow water to sneak in, which over time, will cause moisture stains to appear on the ceilings.

Watch the granules

Membranes and shingles are covered with granules that protect the bitumen from excessive heat. Losing granules means that your roof offers less protection against high temperatures. It will then be essential to add gravel, do a partial resurfacing or, change the roof completely. Be careful: you shouldn’t find any granules in your eavestroughs. Nor should your cat!

A remedy for fishmouths

Are your shingles warped and leaving gaping holes in your roof? You are probably experiencing a phenomenon known as “fishmouths.” Just like a hangover, it gives you a headache! This problem, which is not just aesthetic, must be addressed immediately. Otherwise, you could end up with water infiltration in the internal structure of your roof.

Identify signs of mold

This spring can be described as rainy. Has the water poured down on our heads in recent weeks left black or brown streaks on your roof? You may be dealing with a mold problem caused by a lack of waterproofing. Before signs of mold appear in the attic and, subsequently, inside your home, make the necessary checks because prevention is better than covering up!

To sleep soundly, you can do the maintenance of your roof yourself. But to ensure your roof doesn’t fall on your head, leave it to real professionals. Toiture Union is a certified master roofer by the APCHA and can help you with general roof maintenance. Contact us now!