Elastomeric membrane roofing

Make sure you make the right investment for your roof by choosing an elastomeric membrane

Whether it’s for a flat or slightly sloped roof, Toiture Union has the expertise to carry out the maintenance and repair of your roof while ensuring its optimal durability throughout the seasons. To achieve this, the choice of using an elastomeric membrane is a must. This product par excellence replaces traditional asphalt products with flying colors.

A product that has proven itself for 40 years!

First introduced in the 1970s, the elastomeric membrane is now a great success with architects and construction contractors. Made of a fusion of a base membrane and a finishing membrane covered with UV-resistant granules, this modified bitumen membrane can extend the life of flat roofs up to 30 years.

Give yourself peace of mind for a long time...

Recognized for its longevity, the elastomeric membrane has many advantages:

  • 20 to 30 years life span
  • resistant to UV rays
  • easy and quick to maintain
  • lighter and more durable than asphalt products
  • uniform quality during installation
  • excellent waterproofing properties
  • recyclable

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Upgrading a flat roof to today’s standards involves several steps. See our team at work installing the elastomeric membrane!

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  • The installation of an elastomeric membrane requires the use of a flashlight as well as the mastery of very precise know-how. It is, therefore, crucial to work with experienced roofers who have the necessary insurance to perform the work.

Here are some examples of completed elastomeric membrane projects

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Residential roofing


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