Asphalt shingle roofing

Wavy, cracked, crumbly or even broken, are the shingles on your roof showing signs of age?

Remedy the situation with the help of the professionals at Toiture Union. Whether it’s for a minor repair or a complete overhaul of your shingles, our team has the expertise to install asphalt shingles for all types of roofs. Our work methodology surpasses industry standards and sets us apart from the competition.

Dedicated to helping you, the professionals at Toiture Union will exceed your expectations by certifying:
  • Analysis of your needs while taking into account your budget;
  • A complete examination of your roof and its specificities such as flashings, dormers, slopes, chimney, masts and other accessories on the roof;
  • The adequate preparation of the site before the beginning of the operations;
  • The protection of your home and your facilities to reduce the risk of incidents and all types of damage;
  • The use of superior quality products during the work;
  • The complete realization of the installation steps in accordance with the building rules;
  • The installation of a durable, high-performance and aesthetic siding that will ensure the waterproofing and protection of your home for years to come.

Call our team for a free quote. We will evaluate the cost of your project without any obligation on your part.

Entrust your project to an expert roofer from Toiture Union

  • By trusting a contractor with the highest certifications on the market, you are assured that your needs, your budget and the safety standards will be respected. All this, plus a guarantee on the quality of the work done.

Here are some examples of asphalt shingle repair projects

Commercial roofing



Residential roofing


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