My roof: what to do when the shingles come off?

My roof: what to do when the shingles come off?

Several factors are responsible for the deterioration of your shingles. Our harsh climate, with its alternating wind, rain, sun, snow, and hail, does not make life easy for them. If the breakage of shingles is not caused by the wear and tear of time or a bad installation, consider repairing them and thus extend the life of your roof.

Of course, without prompt action on your part, a damaged shingle can create several more severe problems, such as water infiltration, the appearance of mold inside the attic, etc.

What are the signs of damaged shingles?

  1. Shingles are simply missing.
  2. Rippling of one or more sheets.
  3. It can be caused by poor installation or weathering.
  4. Splitting of the shingles.
  5. Loss of density of the particles covering the membrane.


What are the steps to take to repair some tiles?

1. Glue

It is possible to repair shingles without replacing them. If, of course, the tile is not broken. If the material is only lifted, you can use glue specially designed for roofing. Try not to repair shingles in winter. Glues do not adhere as well in cold weather. Do your inspection in the fall, if possible.

2. Replace one or a few damaged shingles

It’s possible to get away with a lot when your roof is still good, and only a few tiles are problematic.

  1. Start by removing the pieces that need to be replaced.

* Note that putting one shingle on top of another is a very bad idea. Rain and snow must flow freely, and the formation of a small slope can create a barrier that facilitates infiltration. Use a crowbar to remove the tile. Be careful not to damage adjacent tiles.

  1. Lift the top sheet and insert the new tile underneath it into the guide.
  2. Nail the sheet at the joint. You will see a stop line telling you that your tile is right under the other one. It is in this particle-free area that you should nail.
  3. Apply the glue to the top and fold the top tile over.

3. Poor ventilation

The ventilation of your roof plays a crucial role in the formation of heat islands in the summer and energy loss in the winter. Fixing this problem before winter will save you money on heating costs.

4. Light

The attic of your home should be dark as night. If you see daylight anywhere, there is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.


Cleaning the roof on the outside

1. Sweep and empty the gutters

After the leaves have fallen, it is essential to clear the roof and gutters of any objects, branches, or leaves to get a clear view of the roof and allow the gutters to do their job properly.

2. Inspect the joints

All chimneys, skylights, and fittings should be inspected to ensure that there is no water infiltration. Over time, sealant joints can dry out and crack.

If more than 30% of your tiles need to be replaced, you should seriously consider a complete roof renovation. If your roof is deteriorating too quickly, shingles may not be the ideal material for it.


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