Lack of attic insulation

Lack of attic insulation

travaux de correction d'un manque d'isolation

It is important to check your attic at least once a year. Use the access door which is usually located inside a bedroom closet to go up into your attic and check the amount of mineral wool you have.

To do this, simply take a tape measure and push it through the insulation, so that the end of the tape rests directly on the building’s ceiling. Then read the measurement at the surface of the insulation. According to the National Building Code, the thickness of fiberglass insulation should be 15.5” (39.5 cm) to obtain a R-51 resistance coefficient.

If the thickness of insulation is below the standard, it is important to address this issue which will be the main cause of discomfort in the temperature inside the building. It will result in a house that is cold and difficult to heat in winter and a hot anddifficult to cool in summer. A good way to overcome this problem is to add insulation, taking care not to block the air inlets under the ledges of your pitched roof. Several types of insulation are available to you. You will find the classic rolls of fiberglass insulation, and you also have cellulose insulation made from recycled newspaper fiber. After installation, you will immediately see a significant decrease your energy consumption that will result in direct savings. It is important to know that the insulating property of these two materials is calculated with the thickness to be installed and the coefficient of resistance of about R-3, 33 / inch or R-1, 3 / cm.

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