Various works

Installation of a light tunnel

Custom built box to receive the light sensor.

Light diffuser located inside the house.

Truck crane in action

Complete replacement of mechanical parts and elastomeric membrane

Attic ventilator type: Maximum 102 or Optimum P-100

Custom built box with a removable cover made of pre-painted galvanized steel for easy maintenance. This structure protects the motorized ventilation accessories

Installation of a red membrane and custom-made finishing flashings

Construction and installation of a ventilation tunnel for increased air circulation inside a cathedral structure

Plumbing vent flashing and roof drain with vandal resistant strainer

Galvanized steel flashing and chimney collar

Overview of the final work including :

  • Attic ventilator
  • Plumbing vent flashing
  • Roof drain and vandal resistant strainer
  • Custom built vent outlet box. (bathroom fan, kitchen hood, etc.)

Complete replacement of mechanical parts and elastomeric membrane system

Soprastar Hdgr 3 year old elastomeric membrane VERSUS 3 year old TPO membrane

Pitch correction and installation of a Soprastar Hdgr elastomeric membrane

Commercial roofing



Residential roofing


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