Renovation of a flat roof according to current standards

Removal of the existing roof covering

Removal of the insulating wool and the old vapour barrier

Removal of the old structure. This one did not favour a good air circulation through the building

Cleaning of the roof deck. Transport of waste with the crane to ensure a clean site throughout the work

Lifting of the materials needed for the raising work. The objective is to improve the ventilation of the frame and the roof

Cleaning the spaces between the rafters before installing the urethane insulation

Raising the new structure designed to provide maximum ventilation

Cleaning the soffit will allow for better airflow over the insulation and through the structure

Lifting the materials with the crane truck

Installation of urethane insulation. An excellent vapor barrier, this product is highly recognized for its superior insulating properties

Installation of the embossed support panels

Installation of SECURpan insulating and fireproof panels. Two notable benefits:

  1. Reduces the risk of fire when welding the elastomeric membrane with flashlights.
  2. Resists the spread of flames and smoke.

Spacing of approximately 6 inches over the insulation

Construction of an air corridor over the insulation and under the deck. This structure will allow air to circulate easily from the entrance to the exit

Installing Soprafix Base 635 high performance underlayment using the Soprafix screw and plate anchoring system

Installation of drip edges and reinforcement strips around the perimeter of the building.

Installation of the SOPRASTAR HD GR finishing membrane. This white elastomeric membrane protects the roof from heat during hot summer periods. In a natural way, it guarantees a cooler home.

Final result

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Residential roofing


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