Commercial roofing

on the South Shore and in Montreal

Commercial roofing

Flat or pitched roof, the experts at Union Roofing take care of your business

Whether it’s for the repair or renovation of your commercial roof, for us, the important thing is that the roof of your business reflects the quality of your activities. Aesthetics, durability, waterproofing and maintenance are all considerations when replacing an outdated commercial roof.

Commercial roofing repair or re-roofing requires advanced expertise and appropriate certifications. You can trust our team of certified roofers for any work related to the roof of your commercial building in Montreal and on the South Shore.

Restauration d'un toit plat avec membrane élastomère à Sainte-Julie

Industrial roofing on the South Shore and in Montreal

Toiture Union is the certified all-inclusive contractor

Toiture Union has been delivering roof repair and re-roofing projects for industrial buildings for 15 years. Toiture Union’s team is made up of several experienced roofers, which allows us to carry out work in a reasonable time frame without affecting your operations. Thanks to our Réno-Maître certification, awarded by the APCHQ, the safety of our roofers, your employees and your building is our primary concern.

We have the necessary equipment for your large-scale work

What makes the difference between a residential roofing contractor and an industrial roofing contractor is the quality of their equipment. The Toiture Union team specializes in large commercial and industrial roofing repairs. Our safe equipment respects current standards and allows us to guarantee a high quality result according to a clear and respected schedule.

  • dump truck
  • boom truck (crane)
  • cubes
  • safety equipment

Multiplex commercial roofing in Montreal and on the South Shore

Union Roofing is ready for your biggest projects

Joint decisions to improve multi-unit buildings are difficult to reach a consensus on. That’s why we take the time to sit down with you to identify the group’s needs and propose the most appropriate options.

Roof repair projects on multiplex buildings can be complex due to the scope of the work. Toiture Union has all the necessary equipment, including a crane, dump truck and cubes, to complete the project safely. Our duty is to deliver a durable, high quality finished product.

Our team of certified roofing experts has the experience and skills necessary to complete your commercial project in Montreal and the South Shore.

Multiplex toit plat

The elastomeric membrane, for a long-term roof

For resale purposes, the materials that cover your building’s roof have an impact on its value. The elastomeric membrane becomes a durable and aesthetic choice for the covering of your flat or low pitch commercial roof. Our roofers have advanced expertise in the installation of this product, which must follow certain safety procedures, including the proper use of a torch.

The advantages of this membrane are

  • 20 to 30 year life span
  • recyclable
  • resistance to UV rays
  • easy to maintain
  • light and resistant
  • excellent waterproofing properties

In addition, this roofing system opens the door to many possibilities to beautify your roof or make it more ecological, including a terrace, a green roof, solar panels, a change of color… No matter what your ideas are to improve your commercial roof, the elastomeric membrane is the most versatile roofing system.

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Commercial roofing



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